söndag 31 december 2006

Happy New Year!

Greetings from Trummenäs Cape.

torsdag 28 december 2006

In Nisses garage

1000 cc V-twin MC-engine made by Nisse Hedlund
Nisse is Ylvas fantastic father.

Sharpen camshaft

måndag 25 december 2006

Christmas Eve in Tyresö

Ylva and Zasha

Santa Claus parade on TV

"Labyrint" ashtray designed by Stig Lindberg.
This was the x-mas gift from my Ylva.

Visit the Stig Lindberg exhibition at Nationalmuseum

lördag 23 december 2006

Christmas in Stockholm

Mönsterås Kommun

Finns ingen anledning att publicera detta på engelska.
Till saken: På väg till Sthlm tog jag en paus i Mönsterås...

torsdag 21 december 2006

The Millenium Tree

Soon my dear... soon Sthlm ;)

Jon in an elevator

Jon in an elevator
Jonin it up when Im goin down
Jon in an elevator
Jonin it up till I hit the ground

onsdag 20 december 2006

tisdag 19 december 2006

Dinner at China Restaurant Lotus

Mattias is a friendly guy with a funny dialect.

Mariannes vettar

My friend Marianne is near-sighted. She likes to feed the birds in the sea. This two birds was some day in Mariannes garden. Perhaps they wasn´t satisfied with the food.

Weather change

2006-05-30 12.46

2006-05-30 13:26


Under the surface. A way to get under the water in Karlskrona without getting wet.

The little X-mas tree

My daughter and my mother inspect the little X-mas tree in my parents apartment.

Extra educational announcements

This sign is placed on an old building at the island Lindholmen. Lindholmen is a part of the Swedish Naval Base in Karlskrona and it´s one of the most historical naval parts of Karlskrona and the area is placed on the Unesco´s World Heritage List.
The sign shows where it´s NOT allowed to smoke but it also shows where it IS allowed to smoke.
Translation: Gräns för rökning (Smoking limit), Rökning förbjuden (Smoking forbidden) and Rökning tillåten (Smoking allowed).
Nearby the sign is the 300 meter long and over 300 years old The Rope Walk. Because the tar handle in the rope production was it necessary with a smoking restriction.
I am the PR Manager of The Rope Walk and it is nowadays an active museum.
Click on the link above and get the info folder.

This one is placed on an entrance door to Landstingssalen in Wämö Center. The sign above the white sign was not enough...

måndag 18 december 2006


The Submarine Exhibition at Marinmuseum in Karlskrona

Stortorget Karlskrona

Picture was taken 2 November 2006

At the restaurant

My cousin with his fiancé at Restaurant Toscana. Karlskrona August 2006

The Special Chair

My friend Anna sitting on the special f___-chair that she found some day in her car.

The Destiny of the Blodalm

This picture was published in Sydöstran

Vandalism in Karlskrona

Vandalism with a beautiful announcement. "Du är vacker" translate in English "You are beautiful"


The French artist Henri Duplin -73 hanging in my resident.


An enamel painting "Undervattensbild" of Sture Valentin Nilsson 1970 is hanging in my kitchen.

Stig Lindberg - Spisa Ribb collection

Stig Lindberg (1916–1982) was a Swedish ceramic designer, glass designer, textile designer, industrial designer, painter, and illustrator.

One of Sweden's most important postwar designers, Lindberg created whimsical studio ceramics and graceful tableware lines during a long career with the Gustavsberg pottery factory. Stig Lindberg studied painting at the Swedish State School of Arts, Crafts and Design. In 1937, he went to work at Gustavsberg under Wilhelm Kåge. In 1949, he was named Kåge's successor as art director. From this period until he left Gustavsberg in 1980, he designed individual ceramic items, as well as factory produced ranges and lines of dinnerware. He achieved fame for his eccentric forms and whimsical decoration.

His work is featured in an exhibition— Utställning: ©Stig Lindberg (Exhibition: ©Stig Lindberg)— at the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts May 11, 2006February 25, 2007.