torsdag 15 maj 2008

Bevara Marinens Musikkår

Marinens Musikkår är tyvärr nedläggningshotad. Känns tryggt att ha en moderatledd regering som agerar helt uppåt väggarna galet i försvarsbudgeten.

Stöd Marinens Musikkår med ditt namn.

Artikel i BLT.

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åsa sa...

Jag har redan skrivit på! :)

Lars sa...

Tack foer laenken till Marinens Musikkaar. Jag skrev paa och skickade det foeljande till Oskar, sajtens webmaster:

Hej Oskar,

Thank you very much helping remember that name!! Ake Dohlin taught music when I was in Realskolan way back when. First I enjoyed his tutelage at Sunnadalsskolan, and a year later at Vittusskolan. He was charming and interesting. His son - his son (can't remember his name either) was in my class, and I got to know Ake a bit better through him.

Many years later, I was living in Kona, Hawaii, and received an invitation to come aboard a Swedish navy ship, which was visiting Honolulu on an around-the-world cruise. I think this must have been in the late '80s. The Captain was a friend of my father's, so I was cleared for boarding before even the Swedish consul was allowed on board. This caused some frowning from the "more important" Swedish locals. It got even worse when the three greeters on deck turned out to be classmates of my sister's from Sunnadalsskolan. The formal line broke up completely as they all came over to me and went "Lasse, vad i helvete goer du haer?!"

But the real nice thing was that Ake Dohlin was on board as the music officer. He too remembered me right away, and we ended up in his cabin, reminiscing over a bottle of very old scotch...

Thank for the memories ;-)

(Sorry for writing in English but my Swedish is a bit too rusty for a quick respose ;-)


Canis Lupus sa...

Tack Lars för att du även vill delge det mailet här i bloggen. Det är alltid lika trevligt med återkommande Karlskroniter i exil på min blogg.


Hanneles paradis sa...

Musikkårer behövs.

Järnladyn sa...

Hehe, du måste vara grymt besviken på dina partikamrater. ;)

Canis Lupus sa...

Hmmm ja verkligen!